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Meet the Team

Our greatest strength is the people who work for us. And the people who work for us can’t wait to work for you. Let’s get to know each other.

Sadik Najarali candid photo at his desk

Sadik Najarali, CPA, CA, LPA


Vick Vij smiling at the office

Vick Vij, CPA, CA, LPA


Jeff Nixon sitting and smiling at the office

Jeff Nixon, CPA, CA, LPA


Rychad Lardner sitting and smiling at his desk.

Rychard Lardner, CPA, CA, LPA


Zahra Admani smiling at her desk

Zahra Admani, CPA, CA

Senior Manager Assurance

Nilesh Pithwa smiling at desk

Nilesh Pithwa

Senior Manager Enterprise

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