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Our greatest strength is the people who work for us. And the people who work for us can’t wait to work for you. Let’s get to know each other.
Sadik Najarali 
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What does “Strong where you’re not” mean to you?
 “It means we are part of your team. We complete your team. And we will work tirelessly to accomplish your goal collectively.” 
Why do you love what you do?
“I love being entrepreneurial and working with like-minded people. I love growing our business, bringing in new employees that could deliver on the vision. I also love identifying client issues and coming up with novel solutions for them."
What is your approach with clients?
“I am always straightforward and honest. I love growing trust with a client. Let them feel comfortable to call me out of the blue. Come to the office, have a cup of coffee, discuss what’s on their minds.”
How do you unwind?
“When we finish a busy season, I like to relax and reflect by going to see the latest Marvel Movie. I’m a big fan. Don't forget the popcorn with extra butter!”
Vick Vij 
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What does “Strong where you’re not” mean to you?
“Muscle and strength given to clients in areas they have difficulties. Collaborating with clients to achieve results without adding to their stress.”
Why do you love what you do?
“My role has changed over the years, and I focus more now on mentoring and relationship building. I enjoy creating a workplace our employees want to be a part of and I get satisfaction in knowing my team has made a positive contribution to the firm and it's clients. "
What is your approach with clients?
“It's about gaining trust and problem solving. Providing practical advice and workable solutions to clients as needed. ”
What do you do in you downtime?
“I'm an avid sports fan. I enjoy playing and watching basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis whenever I can. I love to travel and spend quality time with my family.”
Jeff Nixon 
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What does “Strong where you’re not” mean to you?
“Giving our clients constant contact they know they can rely on. I’m always involved with all of our clients. They know they can expect my personal POV. I’ll walk them through the entire process in baby steps until we get to the ultimate goal for the client. I think this sets us apart.”
Why do you love what you do?
“I enjoy the small-town feel and approach we take with our business. We aren’t flashy and don’t want to be. But we are professionals. We will get to the root of your concerns and formulate a plan with your best interests at heart. And I love that our clients respect us for that.”
What is your approach with clients?
"I'm hands on, not afraid to talk honestly with a client. I pride myself on having a deep understanding of their businesses and I feel truly invested in helping with their success. I love when clients approach me outside of the work environment. The fact that they feel comfortable doing so shows me that we have that trusted relationship and are more like friends."
Do you have any traditions in your office?
“Every year after all the tax filings are done, we gather as a firm for a big celebration lunch. We also have an annual boating day where we can relax and enjoy each other’s company. It’s essential to Rychard and I both that we take that time to come together and have fun as a firm.”
Rychard Lardner
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What does “strong where you’re not” mean to you?
“Our clients are very good at what they do. But they do need help in areas that aren’t their core strength. In various ways we are that help they need. We see ourselves as an added piece in their overall plan for success.”
What is your approach with clients?
“I strive to make them feel important and that their issues at the top of mind. I take pride in playing a part in the growth of my clients.” 
Why do you love what you do?
“I love being able to listen to individual clients. Often the client comes for one issue, but the real issue comes out over the course of the conversation. Through that, we can identify and help develop a plan to assist our clients.”
What do you do in your downtime?
“I love watching and playing sports and travelling. But there’s nothing I love more than a good murder mystery novel.
Nilesh Pithwa 
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What does “Strong where you’re not” mean to you?
“Being a part of an environment where clients and staff know that there is always someone there that has your best interests at heart.”
Why do you love what you do?
“I love the satisfaction that comes when a client's expectations are exceeded. And many times in ways they would have never been able to do alone. I also love being able to know that I can come into work every day and be around people who share common goals and values.”
What is your approach with clients?
“I always listen, and I’m respectful to the client and their concerns. I take the time to understand their situation, empathize and look for ways to help them.”
What is your dream vacation?
“My wife and kids love Disney! I am a huge Star Wars fan. Going to Disney is the best of both worlds. May the force be with you!”
Zahra Admani
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What does “Strong where you’re not” mean to you?
“Understanding a clients business beyond the scope of the work on hand in order to provide them with advice tailored to their organizations goals. Being able to adapt to a situation, disruption and managing a clients risks as an informed leader. ”
Why do you love what you do?
“Working in public practice means to never get too comfortable in your comfort zone. The constant learning, challenges and continuous growth/development is what keeps me motivated. Also it's never a dull day at NVS and I love working at a company whose values directly align with my own.”
What is your approach with clients?
“Compassion and caring are key. Our clients' business mean a lot to them. That means a lot to me.”
What’s something you couldn’t do without?
“I really enjoy our new coffee machine. There's nothing like a good cup of dark roast. I love starting the day with a bit of an indulgence.”
Our RSM Alliance. Adding strength to strength. 
NVS is pleased to have formed an alliance with RSM LLP. RSM provides public accounting services through a network of independent global audit, tax and consulting firms. These firms work with clients from across the globe to provide financial guidance tailored to the specific needs of that region, and it’s financial reporting requirements. Through this alliance, NVS has been able to gain access to a pool of global resources that wouldn’t otherwise be available to the firm. In addition, this alliance allows for a sharing of local technical expertise and presence, which will enable NVS to serve its clients better. All of this added strength while still retaining our full independence. A fruitful alliance since 2018, we feel this alliance will continue to provide our clients and us with more significant and broader solutions for many years to come. To learn more about RSM, click the link below. 
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RSM Canada Alliance member firms are separate and independent businesses and legal entities that are responsible for their own acts and omissions, and each are separate and independent from RSM Canada Operations ULC, RSM Canada LLP and their affiliates (”RSM Canada’). RSM Canada LLP is the Canadian member firm of RSM International, a global network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms. Members of RSM Canada Alliance have access to RSM International resources through RSM Canada but are not member firms of RSM International.

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