Let’s make your business stronger 

Strength comes from multiple points of support. That’s why NVS approaches financial advocacy for your company from various disciplines. A holistic approach to your company’s financial picture that allows you to focus your attention where it should be. Growth. 

  • Construction/Real estate 

  •  Financial services/
    Investment companies/


  • Food & beverage

  • Hospitality/Hotels/Restaurants/
    Travel & Tourism

  • Import/Export

  • IT/Technology/Start-ups

  • Logistics/Distribution/Transportation

  • Manufacturing

  • Not-for-profit and charity

  • Political riding associations

  • Wholesale/Retail/Franchises

Our financial advocacy isn’t limited by industry. Our knowledge is both deep and broad, with decades of experience in all of these industries. 

Corporate Advisory

Corporate finance

NVS has acted as financing intermediaries for numerous businesses, just like yours. We have initiated, consulted on, negotiated, structured and presided over millions of dollars’ worth of corporate buy- and sell-side transactions, acquisitions and divestitures, takeovers and management buyouts. Through all of these negotiations, our goal is to strengthen your business dealings further, faster, whatever stage you’re at in the transaction life cycle.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We are as much business advisors as we are accountants. This focus not only puts us in a strong position to advise on mergers and acquisitions transactions but also to create strategies and provide the many levels of guidance that ought to surround those transactions. Let us help you make the right decisions, starting with a thorough understanding of your motivations.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence professionals have extensive experience serving businesses across diverse markets and a broad range of industries, including public and private manufacturing, retail, distribution, service, health care, construction, agri-food, technology and oil and gas.

Quality of Earnings

A quality of earnings report is a routine step in the due diligence process for private acquisitions. Net income is not necessarily a 100% accurate indication of financial performance for a business. If a company reports significant net income figures but negative operating cash flow, for example, then it may not be as financially sound as it appears. We devele deeply into these reports to analyze the true financial health of your business or those you are considering acquiring or partnering with.

Proof of Loss Reports

We have a thorough understanding of the highly detailed and scrutinized process of submitting a Proof of Loss report to your insurance companies. It is a process where every detail must be chronicled and submitted in accordance with a predetermined procedure. If any errors occur in this report, the claim could be denied. We assure you with NVS, this will not happen.   

Strategic Planning 

Successful strategic planning requires a company to anticipate how the market will change and to make proactive changes well in advance, rather than having change thrust upon it by competitive forces. With our advice and advocacy, you will strengthen your business with a stronger sense of vision and unified alignment on your business's current and future goals.

Audit and Assurance

 We provide audit services to organizations of all sizes – from small, independent businesses to large, multi-national corporations. Our audits are tailored and involve a comprehensive review and analysis of your financial statements and related business records in accordance with applicable financial reporting standards. This enables us to offer you valuable advice on how you can improve your internal control processes, identify irregularities before they become an issue and provide an accurate picture of your organization's current financial state. Audited financial statements are a key component for financial institutions, potential investors or purchasers to facilitate a transaction that could help grow your business.



As your personal circumstances change, your financial plans, both current and future, should be reviewed and updated. We work with you to deal with the effect of wealth on relationships and develop succession strategies, all the while preserving management control and flexibility. Our one-on-one approach allows us to build a strong personal relationship necessary to gain a full understanding of your needs and expectations and ensure that they are met.

SR&ED - (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) 

Canada offers some of the most lucrative research and development tax credits in the world, ranging from 15% to 50% of eligible SR&ED costs. For some private Canadian-controlled corporations, R&D tax credits are refundable even if tax is not owed. The SR&ED program represents the largest single source of federal government support for research and development. We will help you skillfully navigate this ecosystem of credits, refunds and bursaries, allowing you more capital to do what you do well. Expand your business vision. 

U.S. Personal Tax

If you do business in the United States, a deep understanding of the tax laws on both sides of the border is paramount. Our advisors invest the time to understand your unique situation and will answer your questions about the US and Canadian tax and compliance issues you may be experiencing. It’s all a part of our process to make everything less taxing for you.

Estate Planning

To develop an effective estate and trust strategy, the team at NVS begins by gaining an in-depth understanding of your unique financial situation, including your history and your future objectives. Our meticulous attention to detail allows us to present you with several different options on how to best plan and structure your finances for estate planning. In each case, our goal is minimizing taxes and hardships on your family.

Accounting and Financial Reporting 

Our accounting and financial reporting services allow you to meet your financial reporting requirements, no matter where you do business or what sector you operate within. We help mitigate risk, enhance internal controls and streamline operations to ensure you’re completing your financial reporting obligations without creating excessive work.

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